Knuckle Busters

"More Than Just A Car Club"

The Knuckle Busters Car Club was created in 2009 by a group of friends and family who have a passion for show cars. Although the name Knuckle Busters may be misleading to some, family fun is what it’s about for the members of this car club. Shortly after creating the club, the group assumed the responsibility of putting on the car cruise during Aledo’s Antique Days and continues to promote this event, making it more and more successful with each passing year.

In May 2010, the club took on a new role by forming as a Royal Neighbors of America Chapter. Royal Neighbors of America is a non-profit life insurance organization dedicated to supporting its members by providing value-added benefits and opportunities for members to volunteer and give back to their communities. With the support of Royal Neighbors, Knuckle Busters members are able to volunteer and help support causes in the community that they care about..